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All kinds of old-school, here; I started typing this entry into the little window on my PC at work. It's got a tiny little screen and it's running Windows 95. My work Mac ate something bad from ICQ last night, and now it doesn't want to start up under its own power. At least we can see the disk and my files now, so that's progress. And since it's the work PC, one of the IS Techs is helping me. They're nice people.

Normally when equipment fails -- especially macs, which I tend to get unnaturally bonded to -- I take it frighteningly personal. I don't go loopy -- crying or angry -- but I definitely react emotionally. I've somehow angered it, or more likely that I'm having a Bad Technology Day and should just avoid tinkering with electronics for a while. This time I feel like a normal person probably does. Oh, it's broken. That's a bummer. Hope it gets fixed. I'ts probably because I don't have any solid deadlines, so it's easier to just sit back and not worry about it.

A year has passed that I've been writing in this journal. I would have liked to have written more, but I can't exactly regret not having the energy or attention some days.

OK, "we" are defragging the hard drive now. The program color-codes the filetypes, and while earlier it looked like a Saurat, it now looks like a Monet, so I guess it's getting better. [I'm referencing Clueless; should I be scared?]

I promised photos of the gothy christmas tree, so here are three shots of the thing:

gothy tree pictures

The spiders still make me laugh.

Richard is a little early (only a little) but he's written a great set of New Years' Resolutions. Really, it's worth it. Speaking to the Roommate in particular, Yes, I know you don't like his site; go read it anyway. Skip down to the resolutions if you want. They were funny. Shit.

I still have no plans for Christmas or New Years. This should be worrying me. It's not. I'm not done shopping. This is only worrying me a little. I'm anticipating a lot of time off before the end of the year. That wil be good. I still have lots of video games to play. :-)

All right, home now, but I have much to do this weekend. Not just shopping and wrapping gifts, but I've also got the Boyfriend's company party to attend; the house to clean; the car to get jump-started (oops); and an ornaments for a tree-trimming party I've been invited to.

And I can't bring spiders to this one, at least, I don't think....



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